About Us

This is a New Opportunity for an Old Business

Grass Roots itself has been owned and operated by the same family name that started it in 1973. A decade or so after conception, the company was reformatted from a tree and shrub nursery to a pond shop that now still offers world class landscape, pond and waterfall design and installation. 

We decided to utilize a greenhouse that had sat stagnant for some time and we now are adding onto this business with Grass Roots Garden, a hydroponic microgreen farm that harvests fresh, beautiful and tasty greens every single week.

Why not use soil? It's easier, isn't it?

We decided from conception that we wanted to be different. We wanted to grow in an inert media and use water and seed as the only sources of nutrient for these young plants. Soil born pathogens and other bugs and pest that come along with soil are things we have to think a lot less about. Our focus is on turning out the cleanest product we can with organic practices in mind.

Are we organic?

The short answer is no.

The long answer is we follow all organic practices, meaning: we use OMRI listed products (for sanitization and seed sterilization), we use food grade plastics that are BPA free, and use NO hydroponic nutrients whatsoever.